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About one-third of all children in foster care are living with relatives. Over one million children in the United States are being raised by their grandparents. Kinship caregivers can reduce the trauma that children experience when they are moved and separated from their parents and provide an opportunity for children to stay in the same schools, live in familiar neighborhoods and stay with their siblings.Kinship adoption can be a positive experience for children and caregivers. These experiences can be enhanced when families have a chance to be supported through the unique challenges of kinship adoption. Without preparation and support, kinship families can face undue challenges and unnecessary hardships. Our staff is committed to offering support to relative caregivers as they transition from the role of supportive extended family member to becoming the primary parent.

At Aspiranet, we recognize the unique needs of relative caregivers and are committed to providing a support system that is responsive and relevant for relatives who adopt. The goal of Aspiranet kinship services is to increase each family’s success by building their capacity to meet their physical, emotional, social, parenting and resource challenges. We have two main components of our kinship support, Adoption Home Study (family assessment) support in collaboration with our county partners and our REACH program that offers pre and post adoption support services.

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