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Aspiranet Adoption Services


Aspiranet partners with several counties throughout California to provide adoption support services through our REACH programs.  REACH, which stands for Resources, Education, Advocacy, Crisis Intervention and Hope was developed to empower and strengthen families who have been created and expanded by adoption. REACH services are family-centered and recognize the core issues of adoption. Adoption is a lifelong process requiring ongoing support and access to resources. REACH services focus on a child’s need to be safe, valued and provided the support they need to address histories of abuse, neglect, trauma, and the multiple losses they experienced prior to joining their adoptive families. Services are designed to support and preserve all family relationships and maximize the child’s potential and full integration into a family. REACH services are provided at multiple locations throughout California to help families effectively prepare for the experience of adoption and to ensure families receive support at all stages of adoptive parenting.

Review our REACH services and post-adoption resources to learn more about Aspiranet’s REACH program. You can also contact us with any questions you have.

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