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Connecting to the available resources in your community is one of the best gifts you can give yourself as you prepare for adoption through foster care. Below, we’ve prepared an online listing of resources and information available to you. Do you have something you think we should add? Please contact us.

NACAC – The North American Council on Adoptable Children is the largest and oldest parent led organization meeting the needs of waiting children and the families who adopt children with special needs. Founded by adoptive parents, the mission of this organization is to promote and support permanent families for children and youth in the US and Canada who have been in care especially those in foster care and those with special needs.

AAC – The American Adoption Congress is an “international network of adoption triad members and organizations committed to adoption reform that protects all those involved from abuse and exploitation”.

AFAAdoptive Families of America is the “largest nonprofit adoptive family organization in the US, supporting building families through adoption and providing support and strength to those families”. They publish Adoptive Families magazine and many other great resources about adoption.

CWLAThe Child Welfare League of America – CWLA is the oldest national organization serving vulnerable children, youth, and their families. CLWA provides trainings, consultations and a variety of conferences including teleconferences.

Child Information Gateway – Child Information Gateway provides access to information and resources to help protect and strengthen families. This site features topics on prevention, permanency, foster care and adoption.

Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute – The Adoption Institute seeks to improve the quality of information and about adoption, to enhance the understanding and perception about adoption and to advance adoption policy and practice.

National Resource Center for Foster Care and Permanency (NRCFCPP) – The NRCFCPP provides information and training on permanency planning for children in foster care.

National Child Welfare Resource Center for Adoption – This organization provides information and resources to assist special needs adoption programs.

Voice for Adoption – A national organization that develops and advocates for improved adoption policies at the national level. Voice for Adoption works to make a difference in the lives of children in foster care who are waiting to be adopted and the families who adopt children from foster care.

Adoptive  Families – This is an excellent magazine with well written articles for all adoptive parents.

Adoption Today – This is a great magazine resource for families raising children through adoption.

Fostering Families Today – This is a magazine that is full of articles that relate to all aspects of foster care and is very helpful for children who have experienced foster care prior to adoption.

The Center for Adoption Support and Education (CASE) – CASE offers articles, trainings and lots of resources for all members of an adoptive family. The center helps children and families from foster care and adoptive backgrounds receive the support they need to grow into successful, productive adults.

ATTACH – A national organization with a mission to promote prevention, diagnosis and treatment for attachment issues. ATTACH publishes a newsletter and has an annual conference.

Child Trauma Academy – Provides access to comprehensive information from many of the best professionals in the area of child trauma and the emerging findings about the human brain and child development.

CHADDChildren and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder provides the best information and education on Attention Deficit disorder.


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